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We are dedicated to actively managing your reviews and helping you increase your review count. We also recommend tagging employees with customers to address any potential issues.

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Why We Do What We Do

We believe that every business should uphold a high standard of service, and online reviews empower customers to voice their opinions by voting yes or no

Brand Vision

Our mission is to cultivate a welcoming community where customers can freely share their experiences.

We are dedicated to empowering consumers to make well-informed decisions by providing genuine and beneficial reviews of various products and services.
Through fostering a positive environment, we aim to facilitate connections, communication, and support among individuals as they navigate their purchasing choices.

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Come join us on this journey to transform the sharing and utilization of reviews!!

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How Review Overhaul Helps You Get More Customers

At, we support businesses in expanding their customer base by optimizing their online reputation through effective review management. 

Our platform not only streamlines the process of monitoring and responding to reviews, but also empowers businesses to proactively build trust with potential customers. 

By showcasing positive feedback and demonstrating professionalism in addressing customer concerns, businesses can enhance their online credibility and attract more customers. 

With a suite of tools and resources tailored to gathering positive reviews, enables businesses to stand out in a competitive market and grow their client base. 

By harnessing the power of online reviews, businesses can increase their visibility and ultimately drive growth.


Being a good parent is something I strive for, and I believe a big part of that comes from remembering what it was like to be a kid and learning from the positive aspects of my own upbringing. However, raising a son and daughter who are 14 years apart has presented some challenges, especially with my daughter. Coming of age in the era of social media has added a layer of stress to her life that I never experienced.

I make a conscious effort to listen to her concerns, show that I understand, and provide a supportive presence in her life.


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I made the move to Dallas, Texas in 1984. My career began with installing cell phones in cars and eventually progressed to becoming a Technician. 

I worked my way up to overseeing the service department for the South West Region at AT&T Wireless before venturing out to start my own ecommerce website selling cell phone accessories. My success in this endeavor was a result of mastering SEO and effectively driving traffic to my website.

Today, I am proud to be heading Review Overhaul, a role that I find both fulfilling and enjoyable. Drawing on my experiences as both an employee and a manager, as well as a business owner, I understand the importance of establishing a positive company culture.

It is essential to remove employees who resist the standards that you are trying to set in order to cultivate the desired culture within the organization.