Links on other websites that lead to a page or article on your website are called Backlinks or Inbound Links. Quality backlinks from websites in your niche can boost your rankings on search engines like Google. 

How Do Backlinks Help Your Website?

Backlinks from high authority sites in your niche can lead their traffic toward your platform and can increase your trust in search engines which gives you better rankings and a boost in traffic. 

Is It Worth Buying Backlinks From Fiverr?

No! Buying backlinks is not a good idea and can cause more long-term damage. It might increase your DA & rankings for a short period of time but the risks are too much Google can easily detect these links and will not pass Page Rank. So they’re not worth it.

Does Google Allow To Pay For Backlinks?

No, Google clearly states that paying for links that pass Page Rank is against the Webmaster Guidelines. 

Here’s some more information about paid links. 

What These Services Are About?

Almost every seller promises DA 50+ backlinks. What’s even more surprising is that they promise to generate 100-500 backlinks at a very cheap, almost dirt cheap price. Usually around $5-$30! This obviously becomes a no-brainer for newbies to pay for these services. 

Result Of Paying For These Services

Once you pay the amount and give the sellers a list of keywords and your website’s domain name, your order will be completed within 2-3 days. 

After your order has been delivered you’ll get a document that displays a list of all the backlinks and the sites used. The entire experience will be very satisfying, the sellers will have excellent customer support and you’ll end up giving them a 5-Star review. 

In some cases, you’ll even get some backlinks for free as a gift which makes you really happy. 

Here’s The Catch

Things change a lot once you personally inspect each and every single backlink. Very few percent of links will be actually related to your niche, most of them will be No-Follow comment-based links. Most websites will be in different languages and look quite spammy. After even more inspection you’ll find that there’ll be dozens of other spammy links in their comment sections which indicate that they’re not blocking bots from commenting. 

This is a big red flag and highlights that the links you bought were generated using automated tools like ScrapBox which are used to spam comment sections of blog posts to gain some links. This is absolutely terrible and can increase your website’s spam score which will cause more harm. 

For further inspection, you can use backlink inspection tools and you’ll clearly see that majority of the links won’t be related to your niche and will be from websites that have high spam scores. Google can figure out that you intentionally generated these links to cheat and manipulate the algorithm. 

Another really important point is that most of the links will be No-Follow comment-based links that don’t generate PageRank or Link Juice. So they aren’t worth a penny. 

Why Do They Have Good Reviews?

Now that you have an idea of how all this works. A big question remains, how is it that these gigs still have good customer reviews? 

Well, that is based on a few factors mentioned below, the biggest reason is the excellent customer support. But mostly here are the biggest reasons:

  • They have excellent customer support with an average response time of 1 hour.
  • People new to SEO  mostly believe that DA is the only thing that matters. After purchasing these spammy links your website’s DA also increases but so does your spam score which is ignored by many. 
  • Many sellers use automated tools which is the reason why they end up delivering the orders so quickly.
  • In some cases, you’ll also receive a few extra backlinks as a gift from the sellers. 

All these factors end up building a good reputation for the sellers from a new buyers perspective, which is exactly why you’ll see most reviews are really good and mainly say “Delivered way before time!”, “Excellent communication”, “The seller was kind enough to generate extra links” etc. 

A Short Conclusion

So now let’s come to a short conclusion about your experience. Here’s what will happen in most cases: 

  • Most Backlinks Will Be No-Follow
  • They come from poorly managed websites with high spam scores and bots in the comments. 
  • The sites won’t be relevant to your niche.
  • You’ll see an increase in your DA (Domain Authority) but your spam score will also increase. 
  • You won’t see better search rankings, and even if you do it’ll last only for a short period of time and might face a sudden drop in traffic which can take a long time to recover. 

This was a short Fiverr backlinks review and hopefully, yoou8 learned all the reasons why you should never buy backlinks from sites like Fiverr.

How To Actually Build Quality Backlinks? 

Building quality links isn’t that easy. It all takes time, don’t fall into the trap of people telling you to focus more on link-building rather than producing good content. Always remember “Content Is King”

“2 Backlinks from high authority sites of your niche are way better than 200 backlinks from irrelevant spammy websites”.

Here are some ways you can get quality backlinks from actual high-authority sites relevant to your niche:

  • Reaching Out & Promotion
  • Guest Posts
  • Interviews
  • Answering Questions

Reaching Out

Reaching out to websites that publish content relevant to your field is a great way to build backlinks. Don’t expect the industry leaders and big brands to give you a solid response. However, many sites with decent traffic and authority will be more than happy to mention your page somewhere in their content. 

You can find people and bloggers who are willing to share your content on their platforms, especially social media. Reach out to people in your niche, and do your best to build some relationships. Only a few shares from people actually interested in your content will be really helpful for your website and link building. 

If your content is actually good, people will automatically link back to your pages. As time passes by you’ll naturally get good backlinks and from that point, the “Snowball Effect” will boost things even further. 

Guest Blogging

Every website or blog needs good content. A lot of your competitors and niche leaders will have a section labeled “Write For Us, Guest Posts, Work for Us”, 

Not all guest posts are accepted, most sites will have criteria or requirements. If your content satisfies these requirements they will publish it on their website and give you a backlink in return.

A great way to find websites that accept guest posts is by using the following search terms:

  • Your Keyword + intitle: Write For Us
  • Your Keyword + inurl: write-for-us
  • Your Keyword + inurl: work-for-us
  • Your Keyword + Become A Contributor 


There are countless websites in almost every niche that take interviews from experts and people within a certain niche. If your platform isn’t well known, feel free to reach out to these websites. Try your best to apply and teach them by professionally giving them solid reasons why they should mention your platform.

Sites that mainly perform interview roundups are always looking for more content so if done right, you have the chance to get accepted and answer some simple questions. 

Answering Questions

Find some of your competitors and check out their platforms such as social media, blogs, etc. There’ll be a lot of questions in their comments left unanswered. If you can provide a solid answer and reach out to these people, chances are that you get a share or even earn a backlink. 

Final Thoughts

Buying cheap backlinks from sites like Fiverr or other platforms is never a good idea. Don’t focus on shortcuts. Instead, stay consistent and focus on producing content that is actually useful. Good content is always valued.